Fun Fact - Most Academy Awards

The man with the most Academy Awards is Walt Disney, with 22. Not surprising, considering his string of hits spanning several decades. But which woman won the most awards? She also received the most nominations of any woman. The answer may surprise you if you still have most of your life ahead of you, but if you're my age it's no surprise at all. I remember hearing her name, year after year after year. Hint: she's not an actress, nor a director, nor a writer, nor a composer.

Edith Head received 8 awards, all for costume design, and a whopping 35 nominations. She was in the running almost every year.

Have you seen the Pixar movie The Incredibles? Edna Mode, who makes the special suits for the superheros, stretchable for Elastigirl, invisible for Violet, etc, was modeled after Edith Head, and perhaps some other designers as well. The character looks like her, and sounds like her, (though such statements are necessarily subjective). It's a funny movie over all, but I especially enjoy these scenes. If Edna was indeed inspired by Edith Head, I believe it is a genuine tribute.

Her long career notwithstanding, you can count her appearances in front of the camera on one hand. If you have Netflix, call up Columbo, my favorite detective series, and watch Requiem for a Falling Star. Edith appears as herself, and she even has her eight Oscars displayed on the desk. She barely has two lines, and then the scene is over. Acting is not her heart's desire, but at least we get to see her, albeit briefly - the queen of costume design.

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